JC's Creations

Bread in France is a basic part of everyday life.  Bread is picked up fresh daily, it's wonderful and the perfect accompaniment to some fine French cheese and a glass of wine.  Good French bread has a hard crusty surface and light golden brown tawny color.  The interior should be an off white creamy color with air holes and should be soft and somewhat chewy and full of flavor.  JC's Daily Bread Gourmet Artisan Bakery's breads and pastries are trips back to France for those who know the difference.
RUSTIC COUNTY LOAF, THE CHILDREN’S FAVORITEThis is the loaf Grandma used to make.  It has flour, salt, yeast, and water -- that's all.  Like all of JC's breads, there are no additives or preservatives.  Perfect for toast or sandwiches.
BAGUETTE: Crispy French-style baguette meant to be consumed the same day (or frozen at home immediately for later use).  Many people buy one for the ride home and another for later.  Comes also coated with poppy or sesame seeds for that extra flavor sensation.  JC's dad's favorite sandwich is a buttered baguette with prociutto.  Hard to beat!
EPI OR PULL-APART BAGUETTE:  This the Baguette for crust lovers.  Shaped like a blade of wheat, everyone gets an end piece. This eye appealing baguette comes as plain or coated with both poppy and sesame seeds.  
WHOLE WHEAT BREAD 100% whole wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water.  A deliciously healthy bread, high in fiber, that you don't have to feel guilty about eating.
MULTI-GRAIN BREAD:  JC's Dad's favorite bread to eat as is or toasted.  The best-tasting multi-grain bread you'll find.  Healthy and full of flavor made of 100% multi grain flour, water, and yeast (no added fat, oil, sugar, or salt).
RYE BREAD:  Western European style bread either seedless or with caraway seeds made with 100% rye flour, salt, yeast, and water. Based on our Rustic Country Loaf.
BUTTERSCOTCH BREAD:   Our “SIGNATURE” bread made with butterscotch bits, with or without roasted pecans.  Toast it, butter it, and eat it.  Makes crazy French toast.  Add ice cream for an unforgettable dessert.
DARK CHOCOLATE BREAD:  A Chocolate Chunk Cookie in a loaf of bread.  Filled with bits of Belgian chocolate, this bread can be eaten as is, toasted, or as French toast. 
WHITE CHOCOLATE BREAD:  Similar to the dark chocolate bread, but with scrumptious bits of white chocolate that leave a lingering aftertaste you'll always remember.
RASPBERRY with WHITE CHOCOLATE:  Made with fresh raspberries and white chocolate bits.  The distinctive pinkish color, laced with soft bits of white chocolate only hint at the taste sensation you'll experience.  Great as is, as toast,as French toast, or an excellent bread pudding.
ODE TO HIPPIE:  The San Francisco Bread!  This great breakfast bread contains basic roasted mixed nuts, raisins, granola, oatmeal, cranberries, a few chocolate bits, and 100% natural hemp seeds.  Those who try it come back for more.
RAISIN & CINNAMON BREAD: Great smelling bread loaded with raisins!  Best used as toast of French toast.  Like all of JC's breads, once you feel it's weight, you'll know it's not grocery store bread. Also based on our Rustic Country Loaf.  What you see in the title of a bread is what's been added; no more, no less.
ITALIAN MEDLEY“An Explosion of Flavors in the Mouth”  best describes this most popular bread.  Made with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, garlic, freshly grated Romano cheese, oregano, thyme, and fresh basil.  When you cut or toast this bread, it smells like a pizza.
ONION BREAD:   Makes amazing tasting BLT sandwiches!   The added mild onion imparts a familiar welcomed taste to most sandwiches.
ROSEMARY AND GARLIC:  This is the bread best used with fish or fowl.  Nothing better toasted with cold turkey breast, chicken salad, or tuna fish sandwiches.
KALAMATA OLIVE:  This loaf will take you to the Mediterranean.  The odor and flavor of Greek olives will have you longing for heirloom tomatoes, feta cheese, some strong sausage, and perhaps a bottle of hearty wine.
ASIAGO CHEESEMade with chunks of Asiago cheese throughout the loaf for that special sandwich you've been craving.
CHEDDAR CHEESE: For the Cheddar lovers among us.  Best toasted and in a sandwich of your liking.
CHEDDAR CHEESE & JALAPENO: This one will make your tongue tingle!  Not for the mild at heart, but a favorite among many.
ROMANO CHEESE AND BASIL:   Made with freshly grated Romano cheese and fresh basil.  Great for sandwiches!  
WALNUT AND BLUE CHEESE:You gotta like Blue Cheese.  If you do, this one's for you.  Generous chunks of blue cheese and roasted walnuts throughout the loaf. 
GREEN OLIVES AND BLUE CHEESE: The blue cheese loaf for those who don't want nuts.  The added green olives give an unique flavor not to be missed.