Customer Comments

"mmm... warm goo precariously drooling on the fringe of the lip, not runny- not overly firm, the scent of exotic fruit fills olfactory lobes, not the main player though, the light flaky unearthly dough which adheres fast to the inners of the mouth takes one to another place. The only words one can make out are "oh geees". How I long for the pastry, that is called, Guava Cheese. I'll take Ode to Hippie. Thanks." 

"Cheddar Jalapeno - Wonderfully cheesy and just enough kick to make it fun! Fabulous for making sandwiches. A big hit at parties."

"Butterscotch Pecan - I thought the butterscotch was THE BEST I had tasted until I got my hands on the Butterscotch Pecan. This bread is totally awesome for making french toast. It has also been a huge hit at parties just sliced and left out for snacking."

"White Chocolate Macadamia - Is sweet and crunchy. This is wonderful for a light dessert. Left overs have been really good in a white chocolate bread pudding."

"Italian Medley - Phenomenal blend of tastes. This make a yummy slice of toast, fabulous garlic bread, and is great used for sandwiches."
"Butterscotch Bread: Filled with pockets of decadent butterscotch traveling throughout the entire soft, chewy loaf. Fabulous toasted!"

"Jalapeño Cheddar Bread: Perfect Combination of heat and rich cheese throughout a fabulous soft and chewy loaf of artisan white bread."

"Ode to Hippie: A beautifully made loaf of sweet and nutty goodness - full of nuts, seeds and (dried) fruits, all brought together to live in harmony with a touch of chocolate. Healthy and sinful all at the same time!"

"JC's bread is simply the best, as I have now tried 6 different kinds and my favorite is the blue cheese walnut, which when we bought it, it didnt make it home, which was only 6 miles away."