In The Beginning

Jon-Claude (JC) Stevens, the man and chief baker, is the product of a lifetime of experiences.  Conceived on a beach in West Africa and born in Quebec, Canada, he has spent the remainder of his time living in world capitals and remote resort spots spanning the globe.  As the third child in a family of four over-achievers, JC became the dreamer he is today.  His is a tactile world, filled with flavors, sounds, and smells that whet the appetite of the most discerning gourmands among us.

Jon-Claude attended the Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to ski and to study resort management, then he moved to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York to pursue his culinary dreams.  After that, he enjoyed applying his culinary skills at a ski resort in Colorado and at a micro-brewery restaurant in Maine.

While visiting his folks in Senegal, West Africa, JC spent some time at the Club Mediterranée there.  Upon learning that JC was a CIA trained American chef who also spoke fluent French; they offered him a series of jobs as an assistant baker for breads and pastries at Club Med Villages in Colorado, Florida, and the Bahamas. 

Combining his cooking skills with baking proved to a fortuitous match, since he was promoted to chief baker and named their best baker world-wide two years in a row. Nearly eight years ago, he began JC’s Daily Bread Gourmet Artisan Bakery with his parents just as they began their retirement from a 30 year career in the Foreign Service. 
JC’s Daily Bread Gourmet Artisan Bakery found unparalleled success by focusing exclusively on Farmer's Markets throughout Florida.  The unsolicited invitation to participate as an exhibitor at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, plus popular demand from many faithful customers and potential corporate clients alike, have caused us to expand our customer base by adding a delivery route and online ordering capabilities to reach more of those who fully appreciate our products.  Kindly contact us for further details.